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(tratto dallo standard ufficiale E.N.C.I. / F.C.I. n.194)

The function of the Bergamasco Shepherd is to guide and guard the herd, a task for which he shows exemplary disposition thanks to his vigilance, his concentration and psychological balance. His learning faculty and determination combined with his moderation and patience make him an excellent guard and companion dog, suited to the most diverse uses. He estabilishes a close relationship with man.(The original function influences considerably the behaviour and the temperament; therefore, the character remains true to the original described in the standard) (DISQUALIFYING FAULTS: Aggressive or overly shy)

esemplare pastore bergamascoesemplare pastore bergamasco

Therefore, thanks to their versatility and adaptability, they are now:

ALERT GUARDS although not aggressive, they will defend who or what entrusted in their care

EXCELLENT WORKERS they have great stamina and ability, they are independent thinkers allowing them to avoid risks for themselves and whatever is in their charge.

FAITHFUL FRIENDS their main need is their owner’s love. Their need to take part in family life far preceeds their need for large accomadation, frequent exercise and large meals. They like to feel useful and part of a group, preferably a human pack!

FRIENDLY WITH EVERYBODY they can co-habit peacefully with other animals as long as they are not provoked

PARTICULARY PATIENT WITH PUPPIES (also human ones) they love all puppies and are good teachers. They are also patient and thoughtful with elderly and disabled persons.

esemplare pastore bergamascoesemplare pastore bergamasco
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