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STANDARD F.C.I. n. 194
CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. Group 1, Section 1 Sheepdogs (without working trial)
UTILIZATION Shepherd dog used in driving and guarding herds
SIZE Medium
HEIGHT Male: 60cm - Female: 56cm (both with a 2cm margin each side)
WEIGHT Male: 32/38Kg - Female: 26/32 Kg
COAT Abundant and long, the texture is harsh, (goat hair) on the front of the body, behind and on all the limbs, the coat is wolly and it tends to forms strands or is already in strands, depending on the subject’s age.
TEMPERAMENT Docile and balanced, reflective but determined.

Dog of medium size, of rustic apparence with an abundant coat covering all parts of the body, of a powerful construction but very proportioned. Its general shape is that of a medium proportions dog whose body fits into square. The ideal height at the withers for males is 60cm. for the females, 56cm. with a tolerance of 2cm. more or less. Weight is for– males 32-38Kg. for Females 26-32Kg.

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